As a Baby's Bottom

So, as I sat in the tub, grooming my . . . self, I realized: more women have seen my (un)mentionables than males. ANNNND I've had more doctor pairings than actual intimate pairings.

{Nurse Joy, Pokémon}

These are the things I think about.

I just love my annuals.


It's All The Rage

First, Favourite, Last.

1) First Job
~~ I worked at a local farm store I could bike to.  

2) First Grade Teachers Name
~~ Mrs. Utley.  She ended up taking maternity leave through some of it.

3) First Crush
~~ Me and two other friends each targeted a boy in first grade.  I liked Jacob.  We chased them around at recess and if we caught them we gave them a kiss.

4) First Love
~~ That'd be my current.  <3

5) First Childs Name
~~ I've always liked Eva.  As in, "Ay-vuh", not "Eve-uh".

6) First Pets Name
~~ Actually, her name was Kitty.

7) First Car
~~ 1990 Ford Taurus.

8) First Kiss
~~ A guy named Ian my freshman year of college. (Oh yes.)  It tasted of cigarettes.

9) Favorite Ice Cream
~~ Mint Chocolate Chip.

10) Favorite Vacation Spot
~~ Daytona Beach, Florida was awesome.  I wouldn't mind going back to Long Beach Island.

11) Favorite Tv Show
~~ Right now?  I must admit I caught the Glee virus.

12) Favorite Season
~~ Spring.

13) Favorite Color
~~ I gravitate to earthtones.

14) Favorite Time Of Day
~~ The time I'm aschleep.

15) Favorite Food
~~ Thai.

16) Favorite Holiday
~~ Christmas.  It's cliche, but there's always such warmth about it, and I get to see family I don't usually see all year.

17) Last Time You Cried
~~ Faire finale during Parting Glass.  I knew it would happen.

18) Last Thing You Ate
~~ Toast and Jew cakes (Manishchewitz potato pancakes) .

19) Last Place You Went
~~ Brett's last night for a Halloween party.  Much merriment was had.

20) Last Time You Showered
~~ Last night before said party.

21) Last Thing You Drank
~~ Grape Juicy Juice.  From a juice box!

22) Last Person You Sent A Text To
~~ To mah Beff!  Happy Howloween!

23) Last Person You Spoke To
~~ Ed.

24) Last Thing You Bought
~~ Groceries yesterday.

25) First Bicycle Color
~~ Royal blue!  It was a bike with a cute little car in the back for another person to sit.

26) Last Time You Told Someone You Loved Them
~~ A few minutes ago.

27) Favorite Smell
~~ Many.

28) First Thing You Do In The Morning
~~ Press snooze.

29) Favorite Sports Team
~~ Um, go bears?

30) Last Name
~~ I wish it was still Dashnaw.  It's who I am.