Freakin' Memes.

1.  What are your plans for tomorrow?  I haven't gotten beyond sleeping in yet.  That's my priority.

2.  Do you sleep with stuffed animals?  If by stuffed, you mean with organs, and by animal, you mean Tobias.

3.  Are your parents married or divorced?  They're far from happy, but they're still together.

4.  Do you like tests?  Am terrified of them, and don't really feel they're an adequate gauge of my intelligence.  There's gotta be a better way than the SAT's.

5.  Are you someone's best friend?  I doubt there is one person who would still call me that.

6.  What is the last piercing you got?  My nose, and I think I'm done with piercings.  Any more and I'll get way too holey/sexy.

7.  Do you have a dog?  No, but Ed really wants one.  Tobias kinda freaked out when we tried bringing Sadie the English bulldog home . . . 
Well, that didn't last long.  Just don't have the patience.  Prolly just browse /b/ for the rest of my wakeful hours.  Nothing says I'm apathetic like browsing /b/.  


Dream Deferred.

So . . . I have an audition tomorrow.  Almost two years later, she's back to pursuing the stage.  It feels good; right.  I've missed it.  I just don't know how to sustain myself while doing what I love.  I've tried to stay neutral about auditioning, to not get my hopes up because it is by far a sure thing.  I don't even know what kind of thing it is.  But I didn't realize how much deep inside I want this, however unknown, away from the comfort of familiarity.  

I'm trying to let Mother Mary come to me, but I'm not hearing the wisdom.  I wish I could let it beeeeeee.


Extracted Tooth.

You know, I can't for the life of me remember why loosing teeth was so novel when we were younger.  I suppose it was because it was gradual, and good things came at the end (money).  Well, having a tooth extracted is kinda the same, except it's all at once and the money's going the wrong way.  


Remind me never to neglect a cavity again.


Mysterious Addendum.

I don't know how or why, but my phone mysteriously produced the pictures I thought I had lost that I took at Grammie's:

Side view of the stairs . . .The antique piano it pains me to see go to waste/with the estate . . .And the spring house in one of the fields. I explored it once. Pretty neat.

These things were just in my phone memory, out of the blue one day. It was a bit weird, but I'm glad to have them, regardless of their technological journey. Mom hasn't mentioned anything about the estate or Aunt Anna lately, so I guess nothing much is happening. I wonder when the public auction is.