From an artful wench . . .

Something to pass the time. Preoccupy me.

1) What’s your body type? Average.
2) Thin or full lips? ::looks:: Thin, I guess?
3) Thin hair, thick hair, or somewhere in between? Thick.
4) If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be? Oh lord, I have no idea. I only ever care about female names. Um . . . well, let's just go with the obvious Daniel.
5) What heritage does your first name imply? "Danielle" is the French feminine form of "Daniel", which comes from the Hebrew name Daniyyel meaning "God is my judge."
6) Were you named after anyone? Not to my knowledge. I think Mom just liked it.


7) Favourite candy bar?
Mr. Goodbar.
8) Favourite Disney princess? Belle. Although she isn't really a princess until the end.
9) Disney prince? The Beast.
10) Disney villain? Um . . . Jafar? Mebbe? No no DARLA! lol.
11) Character in a play? Well, Into the Woods is probably my favourite show, and The Witch is my favourite character there.
12) Serial Killer? Um . . .
13) Medieval torture device? Chastity belt. Bazzzzing!
14) Scent? My favourites always get discontinued! Flowering Herb from Bath and Body Works, Grapefruit Ginger from that Mark Avon line, and the one constant has been Gap Dream. Love that.


15) Shy or outgoing?
16) Respectful or perverted? Little bit o' this, little bit o' that.
17) Cup size or condom size? Average is fine. I'm not lookin' for fireworks. But I would giggle at less than enough. Hehehe.
18) Artistic or athletic? Artistic.
19) Your ideal date? Mmm . . . Florida was wonderful . . . Hotel on the beach . . . dolphins . . . hot tub . . . but really anything can be a wonderful date. Just curling up on the couch watching Stardust, for example. <3
20) Your ideal wedding? Outdoors and universal and uncomplicated.
21) Would you get married? I intend to.


22) Scrawny African children?
I don't think of them, really. Does that make me a bad person? I like Starvin' Marvin . . .
23) Religion? Working definition? Mental mind fuck.
24) Politics? Unnecessary evil.
25) Abortion? Not my business.
26) Blondes? Zieg Heil! JK, jk.
27) Ignorance? Also an unecessary evil.
28) Your mom? YOUR mom! But really, I'd be dead without my mom. I deeply appreciate and love her, despite being unable to articulate it.
30) Premarital sex? I absolutely believe it needs to occur.
31) Your mental health? Unfair.
32) Falling asleep holding a stuffed animal? Rupert or my sock monkey! ::squeezes them tightly::
33) Your life? Mmm . . . I like it. Generally.
34) Hollywood? Californication.
35) MTV? Used to be cool . . .


36) What are you feeling?
37) Hearing? Ventrilo.
38) Wearing? PJ's. Om t-shirt and Spongebob boxers. Mix-match FTW.
39) Do you look nice? Um, likely not. lol.
40) What brand of shoes are you wearing? I'm barefoot. But Adidas, for the record, is my brand.
41) What are you wishing for? Stability (nonspecific)
42) What are you worried about? Stability (financial)


43) Who are your friends?
Whoever hasn't left.
44) Who do you treat the best? I try to treat everyone well.
45) Who’s the funny one? Hmmm . . . we all have a good sense of humour.
46) The smart one? Well, he's an estranged friend, but Foxy got a 1600 on his SAT's.
47) The depressed one? It used to be Lizz, but she's isn't so much anymore. <3
48) The one you think will kill someone someday? Oh sheesh, I dunno.
49) The hot one? Joe lol.
50) The back-up one? Um . . .
51) The hippie? Well, Crystal isn't a hippie, but she was the closest thing I thought of since she's vegan. (^_^)
52) The druggie? Hell lol.
53) The alcoholic? Dylan.
54) The goth? Alana. Ha.


55) Gone on a cruise?
My Gramma goes on them all the time! (T_T)
56) Beaten someone up? No.
57) Been beaten up? Not physically.
58) Bullied someone? Yes.
59) Attempted murder? No.
60) Broken the law? Um, I've smoked and sped, but I don't really think that counts.
61) Met a famous person? Chuck Wagner!
62) Had an affair? No. Never cheated, never will.
63) Written a poem? Many.
64) A story? Oh fanfic.
65) A book? Nah.
66) Said that you hated the world? Many times, I'm sure.
67) Read a book for enjoyment? Um, is there any other way?
68) Gotten a nose bleed? Can anyone answer no?
69) Had an orgasm? Many.
70) Thought of killing someone? Only in passing.
71) Gone to a beach? Oh tranquility, you are the seaside.
72) Gone fishing? Yes. And I love it. But as an adult who loves all things living, I find it a hard passtime to embrace.
73) Died in a dream? Not conclusively, to my knowledge.
74) Gotten pregnant? No.
75) Eaten Calamari? ::foams at the mouth:: Yesssssssssssss . . . Mmmmmm . . .
76) Lobster? Yes.
77) Helped a stranger? Yes.
78) Kissed a stranger? As good as.
79) Found a lost wallet? No.
80) Felt bad about not returning it? n/a
81) Bitten someone? Mebbe!
82) Been bitten by someone? ::points at neck:: Right here, please.


83) Sacrifice everything for a friend?
Everything? Probably not.
84) Post yourself having sex on the internet? I wouldn't post myself, but I could see myself allowing someone else to.
85) Sell yourself? I'm so poor . . . but I hope the answer is no.
86) Lie to a friend? I hope not.
87) Lie to your parents? Have many times.
88) Steal from your parents? No.
89) Hug them in public? Yes.


90) You took a shower?
A couple days ago, but I've bathed since then.
91) Ate? A few hours ago.
92) Drank? Last night.
93) Drank an alcoholic beverage? New Year's Eve, maybe?
94) Took a pill? Last night.
95) Smoked? Smoked what? (^_^)'
96) Were photographed? Um . . . a few weeks ago holding a kitty cat at the shelter, probably.
97) Had a strong sexual drive? A few weeks ago.


98) Do you chew on your pencils?
99) Do you read the dictionary? No. But remember that guy I said got a 1600? He claimed he did.
100) The encyclopedia? Raaaaaaarely.
101) Do you memorize random facts? No intentionally.
102) Do you stalk anyone? No.
103) Does anyone stalk you? I hope not.
104) Have you ever considered becoming a prostitute? Lesser forms of harlotry, yes. Prostitution, no.
105) Do you use lotion on your feet? Yes.
106) Are you a virgin? Oh my, no.
107) Anything your parents should know about? No.
108) How many hours of sleep do you get every night? Varies.
109) What do you dream about? Varies.
110) Do you have Yahoo Messenger? Only because I have email accounts.
111) Which cardinal direction do you like best? . . .
112) Does karma, if it exists, love you? Hmm . . . I'm tempted to say it does.
113) Do you sleep over or under the covers? Oh yes. I love my pile of blankets.


114) Do you wash your hands frequently?
Yes. Especially at the shelter. Hand sanitizing galore.
115) Do you lie a lot? I don't believe so.
116) Do you forget to brush your teeth frequently? Yes, unfortunately. I don't so much forget as subtly mistreat myself.
117) Brush your hair? No. But I don't brush it as often as say, a regular person. I can only comb it in the shower. Oh, luscious locks.
118) Use deodorant? I hope so.
119) Are you an alcoholic? Far from.
120) Do you wear underwear? When I'm supposed to.
121) Are you a loser? Possibly.
122) Are you a bad friend? Probably.
123) Are you untrustworthy? No.
124) Do you have bad hair? I have excellent hair.
125) A big nose? Relatively, I guess.
126) Are you shallow? I try not to be.
127) Are you impolite? I try not to be.
128) Are you disrespectful? I try not to be.
129) Do you buy your non-conformist clothes at Hot Topic like all your non-conformist friends? I buy the cheapest shit I can find.
130) Do you have acne? No.
131) Do you wear make-up, a push-up bra, or lifts in your shoes? Rarely wear makeup, usually wear underwire, lifts in my shoes? What is that, even?
132) Are you anorexic? Sometimes, I kind of wish I had better self-control . . . not that bad though.
133) Do you have a tattoo on your lower back, right above your waistline? To you mean to inquire if I have a stamp of a tramp? I do not.
135) What’s your IQ? Above average, I expect.
136) Are you a bad guesser? I don't think so.
137) Are you stubborn? Extremely.
138) Do you like to talk about gross, disturbing things? Yes.
139) Is your room messy? Moderately.
140) Do you respect your body? No.


Mah boys!

The brothers are out visiting this weekend. Heart them so. Rob's actually gonna live in the town next door when he goes to college next year, so hopefully that'll keep us closer. Tyler, well . . . he's still a little brat. (^_~)

Bee tee doubleyou . . . we may or may not have all watched Follow that Bird. Yeah. You know you're jealous.


The Svasti Mantra


I was talking to my Gramma on AIM . . . yes my Gramma IS that cool. And her only flaw is that she feels no connectivity with animals. And I clicked out of the text, but I wrote something so simple and beautiful . . . I'll try to recreate it.

We are all here. We are all in this together. Whether people, dog, cat, ants, plants . . .


Anyway I was telling her about how I miss my Fidge. Yes, now my hamster is gone as well. Always in my periph . . . curling up in her corner under her wheel, sneaking a drink from her waterbottle . . . I felt so cold and calloused that I didn't cry. But I've had so many tears lately . . . I'm just so empty. A world without my furry friends is just . . . empty.