Oh Em Gee.

(Image found on http://www.fantasya.net/ before I knew better than to not cite all my sources. Please don't hate me, artist of the abyss. The painting default saved as "lea.")
I think I just lost an entry.

I'm not familiar with Blogger yet.

I bleeping hate losing entries.

::closes eyes, breathes deeply::


The point of the post was to display my friend Angel's poetry. It spoke to me. She wrote it on 6.24.06. It was untitled.

I loved a whore, once; so people would talk about me.He danced, sometimes, across my firelit flesh.Fingertips s c r a w l i n g, tracing, patterns of stars and hearts his secret:; messages, meant for me, or whoever resides.His voice, teasing, carressingmy hair, causing a gentle stirring inside.He cradled my ribcage, and murmed of frivolties, loud music, and substances we've all adored, at one point or another.Ever-encompassing, he entertwined his legs with mine, slightly teasing my freshly polished toes with his own.Red lacquer, messily applied, reveals nothing.


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