The Cat in the Mirror

You came from the same road
that took away the cat before you,
you mewed from beyond the bushes -
I eagerly responded with my own.
We called to each other,
and you came across that road
Rob and I could not have had
Brighter eyes
More eager hearts
Or softer hands to stroke your variant browns and vibrant oranges

Mom thought you looked awful,
your neck ripped to hell and
your ears bitten up -
I never saw it.
I saw “Ta-she”, Land of Lakes

She tried her best
to frighten you away
But no amount of shooing could erase the
promise of bologna we would sneak you.

Dad never loved you
He was too afraid to lose again
But we did
Again and again
In each slice of bologna
In each warm smile
In each tender stroke
Until you were OURS.
Rest in peace, baby. Momma loves you.


mayfairy25 said...

what did your kitty pass away from? I'm sorry :o( what is your job at humane league? tell me more :o) hope all is well.

Danielle said...

She was 11ish, and was indoor/outdoor her whole life . . . 6 years old is considered a senior cat in general so she lived long and well. My only regret is that I wasn't situated in my adult life quick enough to pamper her until her end. I had planned on moving her in with me.

::sigh:: Anyway my day breaks down as thus: I work in the cat building, so every morning we do food and water, which sets up the kennels for 200 or so cats/kittens, scrubbing the floors, doing incoming (administering innoculations, etc. on surrendered cats/strays - a mild form of a vet tech, for lack of better example), helping customers who are interested in adopting, and various other duties as needed. We aren't a no-kill shelter though so there is a strong presence of euthanasia. That part is not for the weak-hearted. It's not for everyone but I love what I do.