The Svasti Mantra


I was talking to my Gramma on AIM . . . yes my Gramma IS that cool. And her only flaw is that she feels no connectivity with animals. And I clicked out of the text, but I wrote something so simple and beautiful . . . I'll try to recreate it.

We are all here. We are all in this together. Whether people, dog, cat, ants, plants . . .


Anyway I was telling her about how I miss my Fidge. Yes, now my hamster is gone as well. Always in my periph . . . curling up in her corner under her wheel, sneaking a drink from her waterbottle . . . I felt so cold and calloused that I didn't cry. But I've had so many tears lately . . . I'm just so empty. A world without my furry friends is just . . . empty.


artful_wench said...

Beautiful words, lovely and serene images. Very nicely put together. Words are inadequate, but I'm so sorry to hear about yet another of your kindred spirits departing the Earthly realm.

Danielle said...

It's the saddest thing in the world that they only live to be a year to a year and a half. But their lack of longevity doesn't outweigh my love of them. I got a new one, I couldn't stand the quiet. She's huuuuuuuuuge lol. Twice the size of Fidget. I'll have to get some pics up.

Anonymous said...


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