Mah Townhouse!

It's the door to the left of the tree. I'm so excited! It's terribly cookie cutter, but what can you do. The amenities at this particular complex are hard to beat. Ohhhh I get so pumped just thinking about it! (And then I get mad because I'm acting so girly. :-P)

There's just something about moving and rearranging all your things that gets me excited. And I also can't wait to make a home for Tobi, if he still needs one (please let him still need one!). Gosh I love that boy.

It's just going to be so sad to leave my old building with the high ceiling and the angled bedroom . . . character is so hard to come by. And once you have it, the landlord fucks you in the butt and doesn't let you have pets (no offense, FiFi). It's just been such a long time coming, and I'm so excited to make a new home together.


Amanda C. said...

So when can I come visit? And do you never check your email anymore? I'm finally going to college this fall. Enrolled in classes, grants paying for them and everything. I'm scared and excited and I need you. I haven't seen you in, what? Four or five years? Send me a message on myspace, and I'll send you my cell number. I feel like I'm so alone.

Dani said...

Oh honey, hearts! I think you have my old email . . . I rarely check it. Apologies. If you are okay with leaving your email addy here, feel free. I'll check my old email for it as well. I changed it a while ago . . . it was just an avatar I grew out of, and it's like a pit of spam now. I shudder at the thought of the 1,000's of messages . . . but anyway I'm so proud of you lady! We'll have to talk soon!

Amanda C said...