Yoink, I Say, Yoink.

1) What is your idea of happiness?
~~ Either spontaneity or lazy days curled up in bed without alarms.

2) Would you be happy if you found out you were getting a new little sibling?
~~ I'd be happy, but I would seriously question my parents' motives.  They don't have the most stable household.

3) Who is someone you would do absolutely anything for?
~~ The guy snuggling me right now.

4) What is the first thing on your To Do List for this month?
~~ Find a new place to live.  Ugh.

5) When I say the word "spring", what do you think of?
~~ Rebirth.

6) Do you know anyone personally who has served in any war?
~~ My friends' mother has served in Iraq.  She was part of the National Guard and was called over.  Kinda sucked.

7) Would you go to Paris if you had the chance?
~~ Absolutement.

8) What condiments do you put on your burgers?
~~ Mayo, ketchup, mustard.

9) How many concerts have you attended, if any?
~~ Several.  Often of the dorky, theatrical type.

10) Are you more of a coffee or tea person?
~~ Coffee, but I like both.

11) Have you ever seen the movie Donnie Darko?
~~ Yes.  Just the other day I tried to get people to laugh at that Sparkle Motion line.  Losers.

12) Are you craving any foods currently?
~~ Full, actually.  Had leftover veg from Hibachi-san and some elbow macrones. 

13) Have you ever read anything by Nora Roberts?
~~ No, but my mom sure has.  Dream on, lady.

14) Is there an album you can't wait to be released?
~~ I heard Lady GaGa is working on her latest . . . (^_^)

15) Alex Pardee: His artwork is amazing, is it not?
~~ Qui?

16) What profession would you like to work in?
~~ Theatre, but only the positives please.  Negate the lack of stability.

17) Does Kurt Cobain really smell like Teen Spirit?
~~ I wouldn't know.  But I hear the rights to him is about to smell like millions.

18) Have you ever read anyone's biography?
~~ I read one on Bowie and Michael Crawford's autobiography.  Hehe!

19) Would you marry Bill Gates for his cash?
~~ I'm about to marry a marvelous man.  But if Bill wants to employ me I wouldn't mind!

20) Do you run with scissors?
~~ I usually cut with them.

21) Is Twilight over-hyped?
~~ I liked it when it wasn't commercialized yet.

22) Is there a band logo you would get tattooed on yourself?
~~ I don't think so.  I find them to be deeply personal.

23) Are you fascinated by mermaids?
~~ No . . .

24) What was the last thing you recieved via mail?
~~ Harrison's play.

25) Last time you received an injury?
~~ I believe I bruised a rib last year at Faire from my corset.

26) What's for dinner tonight?
~~ Went over that already.

27) Next time you will purchase something?
~~ Hmm, I foresee it being lunch at rehearsal Saturday.

28) Have you eaten any chocolate today?
~~ I had a Jell-o pudding cup.

29) Last time you did your victory dance?
~~ I dance to GaGa whenever I get a text message!

30) When is a time someone would NOT want to be around you?
~~ ::shrug::  Early morning, maybe.

31) What are you obsessed with right now?
~~ I think my GaGa-itis has peaked.  Your regularly scheduled Danielle will continue shortly.

32) How many pairs of shoes are in your house?
~~ Around 10.

33) Fresh fruit or canned fruit?
~~ I prefer fresh, but usually buy serving cups to complement meals or for snacks.

34) Do your teachers let you eat in class?
~~ What a high school question.

35) Are your blankets kicked all over the place when you wake up?
~~ Oh yeah.

36) Do you have an eye mask you wear to sleep?
~~ I just found out MY BROTHER DOES!  Roffle!

37) Would you consider yourself smart?
~~ Yes.

38) When do you want to move out of your parents house?
~~ Already have.

39) Do you have a curfew?
~~ Kind of.  Ed doesn't like late night company on work nights.  Reasonable.

40) What instruments do you have in your house?
~~ Keyboard, guitars, violin.

41) What's the last gross movie/show/video you saw?
~~ Nothing much phases a /b/tard.

42) Would you rather live in a huuuge house or a little cozy one?
~~ Cozy little.

43) The music on the radio: good or bad?
~~ My definition of good lately has depreciated . . . I listen to a bit of pop.

44) Do you understand Shakespeare plays?
~~ Yes, but it does take thorough study.

45) Have you ever blow dried something other then your hair?
~~ I don't think so.

46) What is your favorite piece of equipment at gyms?
~~ Treadmills/bikes.

47) Do you understand what you're doing in math class lately?
~~ HS . . .

48) How many photo albums are in your house?
~~ Two or three.

49) Who's the best kisser you know?
~~ Ed's probably the best.

50) Do you get embarrassed when you pay for things in all small change?
~~ Not embarrassed, no.  I feel bad when it takes me a while to get it or count it out.

51) Do you ever go for walks just for fun?
~~ Yup.

52) Are you always tired?
~~ Most often.

53) Do you count the calories you eat?
~~ Yeah.  Fatty McGee over here.

54) Are you friends with anyone named Earl?
~~ Nope.

55) Are you vain?
~~ Sometimes.

56) What would you do if the last person you kissed showed up at your house with a bunch or roses and a hand written poem for you?
~~ Say yes again.

57) Do you ever watch The Simpsons?
~~ Occasionally.

58) Have you ever sent an embarrassing moment of yours into a mag to be printed?
~~ No.

59) What's the last thing to make you scream?
~~ Tessa jumped out at me last Friday.

60) Do you think you're more cute or sexy?
~~ Cute.

61) Would you like to live in a hotel, or your own house?
~~ There are a lot of variables here.

62) Are you good at knowing when people are lying?
~~ Fairly.  I have this unfortunate habit of trusting people and trying to find the good.  Distrust!  All bad!

63) Do you draw little hearts and stuff with eyeliner next to your eyes?
~~ Theatrically, if necessary.

64) What's the most expensive thing you've ever lost?
~~ My credit card, but that in itself isn't expensive.

65) When's the last time someone made breakfast for you?
~~ Can't remember.

66) Do you do something new with your hair practically every day?
~~ "I don't even wash it daily."  (Holla!  lol)

67) Name a song your addicted to:
~~ "Monster."

68) When's the last time someone told you they were in love with you?
~~ 20 minutes ago.

69) Is there a Sonic where you live?
~~ Several.  Dangerous!

70) What did you eat for lunch today?
~~ Grilled chicken bacon ranch from McD's.

71) What do you like on your pizza?
~~ Cheese, or white, or peppers, onions, shrooms.

72) Do you ever paint or file your nails in class/at work?
~~ I clip them when they get annoying.

73) Who is the best public speaker you know?
~~ Myself, I suppose.

74) How would you react if someone kidnapped your best friend?
~~ It would be a call to action.

75) Are family get togethers fun for you, or awkward?
~~ Depends which side, but they are usually fun.

76) Do you know what "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is about?
~~ That's actually one I'm not entirely familiar with.

77) Are any of your friends hoping to be famous one day?
~~ Probably.  But I don't find it to be a worthwhile ambition.

78) Do you think you'll be famous one day?
~~ I doubt it.

79) Have you ever hosted a dinner party?
~~ No.

80) How many times do you think you've thrown up in your entire life?
~~ There's so many baby spit ups, it's hard to know.

81) Have you ever lost someone to cancer?
~~ Yes, actually.  Mr. Loomis.  He was a great guy.

82) Would you rather become a nun or marry someone you don't even like?
~~ In solitude I've always wondered what rigorous ahimsa and revelation would be like.

83) Wouldn't it be weird if human hatched eggs instead?
~~ Abortions would be a lot more violent.

84) Would you like to own a business?
~~ It'd be cool to own a pub.

85) Would you rather live somewhere realllly hot or somewhere realllly cold?
~~ Hot.

86) Do crows creep you out?
~~ Nah.

87) Have you ever ignored your own feelings?
~~ I've always been a bottler.

88) Do you wear a lot of red clothes?
~~ No.

89) Are you a health freak?
~~ I'm trying to be health conscious.

90) Do you have a collection of things from the beach?
~~ I have a bottle of sand and shells from Daytona.

91) What is the best way to have potatoes?
~~ Unidentifiable as a vegetable and greasy as fuck.

92) Do you lock the doors?
~~ Yes.

93) Is coffee better with or without milk?
~~ I use hazelnut creamer.

94) What's something you do every single winter?
~~ Suffer from mild seasonal affective.

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