Oh hi.

Okay it's been way too long, and my dearest called me on it.  It's true.

Deleted the other blog, for those who knew of it/were following it.  I'm fickle.  Thus is my nature.  I only have the desire to discuss it when it's happening, and nothing's really happening anymore.  If you want the rest of the g on g story, just ask me.  But for now, nothing terribly adventurous is happening in that department.

It's FAIRE SEASON!  And I'm ill already!  YAY!  3rd weekend in and I'm bogged down by a head cold. Yay me.  I wish I could even enjoy the days off a little, but no, I'm ill and recuperating.  Lots of adorable pictures of me are floating about, which always delights and baffles me.

I'm putting my toes in . . . ever so slowly . . . into the deep, murky waters of wedding planning.  It's a scary motherfucker.  Like, thanks Disney, for making me want that fairy tale bullshit.  I mean, mine won't be traditional, by any means, but I still want that big ideal wedding.  I can't avoid it, I have a shitton of family.  It looks like we're looking at about 100 guests.  Which could be worse, I suppose.  But it's still a loooot.  I don't want anyone taking on debts for this.

The illness better fly away because . . . it looks like I'm going to be waitressing in the very near future!  There is a restaurant near Faire that is now managed by the husband of a friend, and a lot of Faire type peeps are working there, so I said hey, why not.  I need the extra money bigtime, plus I'll love my coworkers.  I've never waited before, so that part is a bit intimidating, but I figure it's 75% acting anyway.  Right up my alley.  The only thing I don't really know is how to do taxes when you figure in tips or whatever.  Damn the man!


::sigh:: I feel like I've exhausted what I can say.  I almost called my Beff last night because every once in a while I get that overwhelming pressure of eternity weighing me down.  You know, mortality and all.  No big, just looking your finite self right in the eyes.  I avoided severe reaction but it's still entirely overwhelming.

I plan to start a big internet art project once Faire is over and I have spare time again.  A web comic-y artistic outlet.  We'll see how that pans out.  Mah boy said he'll web design and we can go from there.  It's good to have a project.

Anyway, I think I'm done.  I'm busy doing nothing on my sick day, dontchaknow.


Anonymous said...

I'm always here for you, lovie. I'm glad you avoided the Big Stressor with characteristic grace (:

And, of course, I know you're wicked occupied right now, and that it can be a blessing and a curse. I can help you with the tips thing, though: you must claim on your taxes any tips you get on credit cards, but most servers/bartenders/LMTs (:D) only claim 10% of cash tips. That's free money in your pocket, baby.

Imma text you my home phone number. I usually don't know where my cell phone flew once I get home, and I want you to have it in case you need serious Wench time. <3

D said...

24/7 Wench access? That's how you know it's true love.