BitGhost (5:12:49 PM): i know you like to see it as a ebb and flow kinda deal, but look at the reality..
Sanatana Maya (5:12:58 PM): I don't live in reality.
Sanatana Maya (5:13:00 PM): I never have.
Sanatana Maya (5:13:03 PM): I can't.
BitGhost (5:13:12 PM): yes you do, but you see different realms of reality..
Sanatana Maya (5:13:27 PM): I'm trying to put all the realms together.
BitGhost (5:13:33 PM): everyone usually has one, or two if they are moody, you have many..
BitGhost (5:13:56 PM): they are not all that different from each other..
BitGhost (5:14:05 PM): the similarities, that is you..


Sanatana Maya (6:15:44 PM): I'm gonna bleeping cry again.
BitGhost (6:16:37 PM): its ok to cry.. it is healing..
BitGhost (6:16:48 PM): don't pent it up..
BitGhost (6:17:01 PM): everything is ok, you are safe..
BitGhost (6:17:09 PM): be yourself..
BitGhost (6:17:21 PM): know i love you and other people do too..
Sanatana Maya (6:17:38 PM): My mom 302ed me because she loved me.
Sanatana Maya (6:17:44 PM): loves, present tense.
BitGhost (6:18:38 PM): 302?
Sanatana Maya (6:19:20 PM): Got the county involved to commit me inpatient.
Sanatana Maya (6:19:27 PM): A legal move.
Sanatana Maya (6:19:31 PM): Because I'm 22.
BitGhost (6:20:16 PM): then yes, she did that because she loves you. an amzing move on her part. that is real love, hard decision to make. she chose to fight for you when ignoring woul dhave been easier..
BitGhost (6:20:34 PM): i respect her very much.
Sanatana Maya (6:20:40 PM): She's stronger than I am.
BitGhost (6:20:46 PM): i am glad you have people who care about you.
Sanatana Maya (6:20:53 PM): Because she deals with me when I'm unable.
BitGhost (6:21:08 PM): she is older, you will find you are pretty damn amazing, once you find your balance again..
Sanatana Maya (6:21:20 PM): I'm alive, I am damn amazing.
Sanatana Maya (6:21:25 PM): I'm bleeping kicking still.

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