So I'm bored tonight and baited my love Crystal with a picture of Tobias and text pretending to be him talking. Hilarity ensued:

"Hi, is Gilbert there?"

"Yes, I'm in bed with Mummy!"

"Oh looks comfy. Got any canned cat food? I just ate the last of mine. The panic's setting in."

"Let me look in the box . . . no I'm sorry, we're out. I have to ask my grandma to get more!"

"Does that crazy T think I'm gonna share my fats with him? Oh HELL NO."
You see what I did thar? (^_^)


lanouvellevaguefr said...

Now all you have to do is remember the convo we had last night at Panera. Like I said, even the lonely lady on her laptop thought that we were more pathetic than her. We sounded like a bunch of football moms talking about our... children.

Dani said...

Cause they ARE our babies! Hey, you wanna watch me write in public?