Why Don't They Pay Taxes Again?

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So . . . Crystal and I were just shopping at Walmart, and as we were leaving we saw 3 Amish women and 2 Amish men . . . all of whom were toting merchandise, including Mountain Dew and Oreos. They then piled into a minivan.

I am sorely confused.


artful-wench said...

When I was living in your neck of the woods, my parents came to visit me one summer and we did the tourist thing. We went to either Intercourse or Strasburg, and toured an Amish farm. In the process, I saw one Amish guy talking on a phone in the back yard, another guy check his beeper, and heard a chick talking about The Young and the Restless. Keep in mind that all these people are dress like Plain Folk. I was like, "oh, well, they must have hired some Englishers to dress like that and help run the place." I asked a girl if this was the case and she said that everyone I'd seen was either her family of a member of the Amish community.

Now, I'm all about some natural living. I've been looking into naturalist communes, but they usually don't accept people under the age of 25 because we're ignorant or something. But the point is, if you're going to shun the world and refuse to pay taxes (it's called being a Conscientious Objector) then more power to you, but you can't do it half-assed. If you're going to shop at Wal-Mart and drink high fructose corn syrup instead of growing food and drinking water (your body needs that shit), then you should also be expected to pay money into the country in which you are squatting.

Och, sorry about the rant... it's one of my pet peeves. Also, the place we toured had a dinner buffet. My parents and I ALL got food poisoning.

Dani said...

Yeah . . . I try not to be racist or biased when it comes to them, but it's been so hard, especially working at the shelter where they just dump their barn cats, usually in multiples of 10, and don't donate or take our advice about spaying and neutering. Not to mention we're like the puppy mill capital of America: