I am usually a pretty passive person, but I realized that passivity left me baffled and astonished almost four years ago.

Do you really know the people you associate with? It's not courteous to discuss, but it needs to be discussed. Now more than ever. Disclaim yourself and go for broke. I wrote a now open letter to my family. Perhaps one similar can serve you well in the upcoming weeks:

Hi friends. It was about this time four years ago, after the fact, that I discovered I didn't really know my family as well as I thought I did.

Getting "into it" is unnecessary, and at best, verbose and raunchy, but I wanted to subtlely yet firmly convey how I felt about the upcoming election.

I don't know if I can go so far as to ask if you "regret" your decisions, but it has been a rough road. Just please, consider long and hard what this country means to you and how we desperately need change. Really look deep . . . beyond appearances, beyond religious affiliation, beyond the pomp, and ask who will really lead us toward the potential we had all along. Too many people are dying. Just one death was too much. The answer to lives lost is not more lives lost.

Registered affiliation aside, please just consider.


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