{And if you aren't down with the abbreviations, it's "Single White Female Looking for Best Friend Forever". This has been a public service announcement.}
For some time I have felt a particular void in my life. It is that of a best friend. I've only ever really had one in my semi-adult to adult life, and that would be Brandi, my love from high school. Being apart is a definite strain; I wouldn't say she isn't my best friend anymore, but she is my best friend from a different time, and really, a different me. I had a sister, (see "Impermanence") but she is long gone, it would seem.

(As a side note related to this theme, Bethany Facebook "friend-ed" me last week, of all things. If you go back to "Impermanence", she is someone I thought I never would hear from again. It's a little hokey and impersonal, Facebook, that is, but I'll take it. I obviously from my writing adore(d) this woman and will take what I can get.)

BUT. In a long winded-y fashion . . .

I have long felt a void. A void that I so wish would be filled with a best friend. That one gal you can call at all hours of the night (and vice versa), that will drop everything to hang (and vv), that you can relate to to a "T". I haven't had that since . . . 2004. And . . . it shows. I'm a crotchety hermit who feasts on the little social interaction I do have, and now that my schedule is changing I won't even see the few people I treasure as often as I would like. SO. Here goes my personal ad:


24 yr old curly haired 5'4'' average if not
squishy W LF BFF 2 hang w/ & heart
unconditionally. Been burnt in past but still
hopeful 4 future. Loves jokes
& unforgetable mayhem. Please contact
poster soon before hermitude sets in. Serious apps

only. Don't go breakin my heart.

{And here I am, being awkward even in a two-minute sketch. I can't even hug my legs properly because I realized I couldn't after I had already drawn my pantaloons. Flailing arms, ho!}


Mandy Chronister said...

Please, woman. You KNOW you can call whenever and about whatever. I loved you in High School, and in the years since we've seen each other, I have continued to love you, check up on you and call you one of my dearest friends. You never need to worry about having someone to talk to, because I will always ansewr my phone for you.

Hugs and kisses, dearest friend.

artful-wench said...

Surprise, surprise. I know how you feel.

My default best friend, Stiffy, and I are in different places, physically and emotionally. I love her, and she loves me, but we don't connect like we used to. She's married and pregnant, and I'm... well, ya know. I have a couple of girlfriends that I hang out with on occasion, but no one I can call every day and just talk.

And I think I miss that the most: having another woman thinking about me, waiting for my phone call, calling me when she needs me. I miss having a special girl who is always included in my plans.

I want to be an "and" again. Wench AND bestfriend. I wish you weren't so far away, mah belle.

D said...

You need to be at least 45 minutes closer, Chron. I forgot to mention that in my ad. Proximity is essential. :-P

Hugs to Wench.

M-Chron (should I be a rapper?) said...

You do know I moved back in with my parents, right? I'm not near the city anymore? Or is the old stomping grounds still too far away?

D said...

I'm about an hour from Ye Olde Towne of Buck. Lamesies.

M said...

Suck. Miss you.

D said...

You need to commit to an avatar lol.

Maple Crunchy said...

Why? I am an ever-changing nut job. Why try to change me?