Extracted Tooth.

You know, I can't for the life of me remember why loosing teeth was so novel when we were younger.  I suppose it was because it was gradual, and good things came at the end (money).  Well, having a tooth extracted is kinda the same, except it's all at once and the money's going the wrong way.  


Remind me never to neglect a cavity again.


artful-wench said...

I often wonder why losing teeth is so significant; why we can remember what it felt like when a tooth finally gave... the copper tang of the newly formed hole... how the hole, when sized up by the tongue, feels so cavernous, gummy and hot.

After all, when was the last time we lost a tooth? Eight years old? Maybe ten? These experiences remain fresh. I have dreams about my teeth falling out (some people say these are a result of lying, but I seldom lie; only to save my skin). I dream my teeth are loose and I can feel distinctly the wobble and weakness of baby teeth in my dreams.

Just strange, is all. I hope they gave you something good to deal with the dental pain, mah belle.

D said...

I have those nightmares all the time. For some reason my teeth are wobbly or cracking and come out or I spit bits out. I guess it's an underlying fear or because I went through all that braces nonsense when I was younger.

Lanne Dryddin said...

I have those nightmares about my teeth coming out too. I can feel them in my mouth jingling around like a rattle. Probably from my teeth getting busted up from that baseball in 8th grade.

Mandy Chron said...

My dream dictionary says dreams of teeth falling out are warning you to not neglect your health or to see a doctor.


D said...

But . . . but . . . neglecting my health keeps my monies in my wallet. And that's how I got into all this trouble - the fear of the dentist and my inner Jew.