Freakin' Memes.

1.  What are your plans for tomorrow?  I haven't gotten beyond sleeping in yet.  That's my priority.

2.  Do you sleep with stuffed animals?  If by stuffed, you mean with organs, and by animal, you mean Tobias.

3.  Are your parents married or divorced?  They're far from happy, but they're still together.

4.  Do you like tests?  Am terrified of them, and don't really feel they're an adequate gauge of my intelligence.  There's gotta be a better way than the SAT's.

5.  Are you someone's best friend?  I doubt there is one person who would still call me that.

6.  What is the last piercing you got?  My nose, and I think I'm done with piercings.  Any more and I'll get way too holey/sexy.

7.  Do you have a dog?  No, but Ed really wants one.  Tobias kinda freaked out when we tried bringing Sadie the English bulldog home . . . 
Well, that didn't last long.  Just don't have the patience.  Prolly just browse /b/ for the rest of my wakeful hours.  Nothing says I'm apathetic like browsing /b/.  

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