Information Leak!

So, my boyfriend has a Mactop. We both use it. I love it. I can browse the net on my stomach or back. It's delightful.

Just now I laid in bed, all snuggly, to surf the webs a bit before a-sleepy time.

And I'm shocked at what I find on the browser.

"Ed? ED? EDDDDMUND?" I call.



He comes upstairs and looks at what I'm indicating.

"Oh . . ." he says and closes out the browser.

"What's that?"

"Nothing . . ."

"What's THAT?"


Boy howdy it's something.

Two somethings in fact.

::girly squeal::


B.L. said...


D said...

My reaction is so very premature. I just don't get girly very often but it hits HARD when there's such things at hand. The whole wedding bells scene gets me very girly indeed. Stupid Disney princess era.

It seems he was just "researching" for an eventual engagement, and we certainly have said and want many longterm things with each other. We have for years. But we're babes. Unless we wanna stare down a 3 year engagement, nothing of note is happening yet.

Trust me, you're on the short list of bridesmaids my dear. If you would have me. Very very far reservation of the B in advance. :-P

artful-wench said...

Oh... mah... gawd, lady.

*hugs the stuffing out of you* so happy for you, even if it is the forebearer of eventual fruits.

*smacks you* so fucking jealous.

D said...

Hehehe. I will accept all hugs and smacks alike. Ed and I met in 2003 . . . Jesus, going on 6 years this year. Long and winding road.

Mandy Chron said...

Steve and I have been treading a parallel road it seems. It was five years this past Thanksgiving. We have almost the whole thing planned. All I'm waiting on is a ring and a date and I'm pretty much set....

...Still waiting...


P.S.: MC said...

OH YEAH! Also: