ABC's of Me.

From Madam Wench.

Age: 24, gonna be 25! My quarter life crisis fast approaches!
Bed Size: Queen, although more like full once Tobias has way.
Chore You Hate: Cleaning the bathroom. Anyone who does not SIT to PEE should be made to.
Dog's Name: None yet.
Essential Start Your Day Item: Consciousness.
Favourite Colour: Earthtones.
Gold, Silver, or Platinum: Silver. I want my wedding band to merge silver and gold together.
Height: 5'4''.
Instruments You Play: Piano. I'm fairly good at dabbling on foreign ones.
Job Title: Animal Care Technician, Lost & Found Coordinator, Offsite Adoption Counselor.
Kid(s): 2 mebbe! No where near ready for them now.
Living Arrangements: A 2BR townhouse with my love.
Mom's Name: Tracy.
Nicknames: Variations of my given name, Elflocks, BanDan.
Overnight Hospital Stay: The first rule about inpatient is you don't talk about inpatient.
Pet Peeves: I get angsty about aspects of the shelter a lot.
Quote from a Movie: I more often quote Family Guy. My latest fav is Peter's rendition of Axel F.
Right or Left Handeed: Left.
Siblings: Two younger brothers.
Time You Wake Up: Whenever of my own will, an hour before shifts otherwise.
Underwear: None!
Vegetable You Dislike: Any bean besides the string variety.
Ways You Run Late: Hitting the snooze button.
Yummy Food You Like: I'm up for trying most anything.
Zoo Favourite: I haven't been to a zoo in a significant amount of time. Exotics are always intriguing.

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