{The best to come from the worst.}

Maya: Hey.
Maya: I appreciate the random lurking.
Hell: hey darling
Hell: heh
Hell: I'm creepy
Maya: No, not creepy. Supportive in a way.
Hell: cool. I'm sorry it's being rough for you.
Maya: I had a really detrimental panic attack at work and now it's come down to I leave or get fired pretty soon.
Hell: I wield whimsy to banish sorrow.
Hell: oh poop
Hell: that's ass
Maya: Ed's Gram was dying (is dead now) and I needed off work to go see her with him, and they were like, no. Find coverage.
Maya: I eventually did but not before freaking out and involving upper escelons (or whatever that word is). Now I'm being cited for insubordination and whatever other foibles my once friend could come up with.
Hell: yah, tragically places that are cool with that are in the minority
Hell: /comfort
Maya: Well the irony is that it drew me into thinking it was.
Maya: Or I would never have revealed that side of my life.


Maya: I've never really felt in control.
Maya: That there's always a contrary force at play.
Maya: But I always try. Because I have to.
Hell: aye
Maya: I've just given so much to this damn place for betrayal to sit well. But I knew. I knew when they "fired" me the first time lol.
Hell: allowing yourself to get hung up on their bullshit is the same thing as letting them win.
Hell: Stand above it.
Maya: I just . . . am so angry I let myself believe it was the place of potential I knew it could be than what it really is.
Hell: yah,
Hell: i know.
Hell: the best revenge is living well.

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