I'm a bit overwhelmed. But not, like usual, in a negative way.

Some time ago I wrote of my Grammie's passing and the selling of the farm I grew up on. Well it is about to pass. Pass hands. Lifetimes. Into oblivion? Demolition? It's not in our hands. But my mother knows just how painful my monetary situation is and has decided to give me and my siblings each $10,000.


For me, that's half a year of work. Half my yearly salary at this point. Crazy.

I'm just overwhelmed. I don't know what to say or do. And also, it's really a gift from my father, who I will have an infinitely more difficult time communicating with.

Mom's going to pay off my car loan and then just give me the rest. That extra $200 a month means so much. I don't have to be a paycheck to paycheck wreck anymore. It seems so silly that such a gift can change me so substancially.

I just don't even know how to process all this.

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