These past two weeks have been nothing short of the longest rollercoaster I can recollect. First, I have a week or so long fight/argument with Ed about buying a new car, financial prowess, and how our life choices affect who we are. We don't exactly have a meeting of the minds, but we're good. Then, I get fired from my job. Note, during the whole fiscal nonsense, I defended my employment. Irony, I has it. Now today, after speaking with my boss' boss, I'm still employed. I was never fired. Everything will be as it was, only different. I am . . . overwhelmed with everything that has occurred, so much so I can't even really document it. I was so ready to advocate for myself and do what I had to do to be heard, and I actually was. It was surprising. I wasn't prepared for a reprieve. I embrace it, of course. And will make the most of it. It's just so strange. So very strange.

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