Grannie ~

Although it's somewhat childish and silly, I wanted to send you off with some reflections. More for me, perhaps, than you, but with the most sincere of intentions.

My immediate impression of you about five years ago was that of infinite warmth and acceptance. You and Gramps were at once welcoming of me as Ed's girlfriend; and your door was always open to me, even in his absence.

Any one of us would have loved to see you walk again ~ and the strides you did make! ~ but it was never to be. Ed will likely always revile goats because of it. (I've never been altogether fond of them anyway.)

But really, the purpose of these unspoken words is to voice the deep regret I feel when considering your death.

Regret that we couldn't have more time with you.

Regret that you will never see us wed.

Regret that you will never know your great~grandchildren.

For the brief time I did know you, I loved you in return; accepted you in return.

We will miss you, Grannie.

I will miss you.

Helen Osborne

2/21/1920 - 5/6/2009

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