MJ, Elizabethanized.


Verse 1
I likened my lady to that of a dazzling star upon a moving portrait
Quoth I, “It matters not, but pray, what meaneth thou by calling my name?”
Who among thee will Gay Gordon on the canvas of our hocks?
Quoth she, “You be him that Gay Gordons on said canvas.”

Verse 2
She then confided me her name whilst she did make much ado
All the court was upon me, all eyne fanciful with delusions of grandeur
Who among thee will Gay Gordon on the canvas of our hocks?

All mine company advises to move purposefully
One cannot destroy that which is held most dear within their bosom
The centre of my creation e'er spoketh: do not give of yourself freely
Move with calculation else the devil will sit upon the lips of the masses

This wench, she be not mine love
She simply be a guttersnipe with mine name on her lips
Nay, the child be not of my seed
Upon her grave I be so, yet he be not mine.


Anonymous said...

Billy Jean

D said...

DING DING DING! Correct, oh anonymous one! I actually messed up on one of the tenses in the bridge, it should be spake or spoke instead of spoketh. But you got it!

What a fun exercise.

Anonymous said...

I'm likely the foremost expert on guttersnipish wenches...

D said...

Oh, indeed? . . .